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The main objective of CORENET eSubmission is to provide a one-stop, non-stop point for industry players to submit drawings, drafts and documents via the Internet to the various building and construction regulatory authorities in Singapore for processing. It aims to to re-engineer the business processes of the building and construction industry to achieve a quantum leap in turnaround time, productivity and quality.


Users of the system include architects, engineers, owners, builders, clerk-of-works, contractors and others who usually form the members pertaining to a building project. The benefits of using CORENET eSubmissions include the ability to submit electronic plans and documents to more than 10 different regulatory authorities round-the-clock, minimized need for multiple production of hardcopies of drawings and the ability to monitor and track the status of approval of submissions online.


As of 1st July 2002, eSubmissions are compulsory. However, setting up your company to be able to do eSubmissions may not be an easy process, frequent problems encountered include:


  Need to Setup IT Systems for Access to CORENET

  Need to Pay for Software & IT Systems

  Need to Pay Annual Subscription Fees

  Need to Maintain Updated IT Systems & Software

  Need to Train Staff to Use System Properly

  Submissions Must Be Made By Qualified Persons


H-K Resources helps reduce or eliminate these problems by either:


1.  Just Providing Necessary Infrastructure for eSubmissions


For existing consultancy firms who do not wish to setup their own eSubmissions systems, H-K Resources can assist by simply renting our fully equipped, high-speed Internet broadband-enabled computer terminals for you to do your own eSubmissions.


All computer terminals are installed with the latest eSubmission software and sit behind our own in-house LAN system and firewalls for added security. They are fully equipped with the latest Netrust card readers and hardware needed for eSubmissions. Our experienced staff will also be on-hand to assist should you encounter any problems during the eSubmissions process. And if you are unfamiliar with how to apply for the necessary Netrust authentication cards, H-K Resources staff will assist to get you certified.


Alternatively, you can leave it to our staff to complete all the necessary forms and set everything up ready for eSubmission, and you merely need to authenticate the process using your Netrust Card.

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2.  Assisting in Certifying Documents for eSubmission



For companies who do not have an in-house qualified person to do eSubmissions, H-K Resources' qualified consultants can step in to assist. eSubmissions allows cases where parties that do not have Netrust digital certificates can, through formal arrangement such as via letter of undertaking etc, appoint H-K Resources' qualified persons to act on their behalf. We will carry out the necessary accredited checking of all drawings, plans and documents to be submitted to ensure it meets the necessary standards before making the eSubmission on your behalf.

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3.  Complete Turnkey Solution Comprising Drafting & Drawing

      Completion, eSubmission and Responsibility for

      Obtaining Approval from Authorities


H-K Resources, in cooperation with its partners, is also capable of taking on the entire drafting and documentation aspect of your project. We will prepare the necessary drafts and drawings according to your specifications and requirements, work closely with our partner firms who specialize in architectural, civil & structural or mechanical & electrical fields to certify that your drawings meet the requirements of Singapore's building and construction authorities, carry our eSubmission of drawings and ensure that the necessary approvals are obtained.


Please feel free to contact us for a quote or to find out more about how our eSubmission services can assist you!

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