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In any given building development, various processes like architectural design, civil and structural planning, and mechanical and electrical works are usually handled by different parties. Such processes are often conducted as isolated tasks and hardly ever well coordinated. More often than not, design changes are not properly communicated to the other parties involved in the project, leading to:


 ▪ Confusion
 ▪ Frustration
 ▪ Need to Remedy Faults
 ▪ Increased Development Time and thus Costs.

Fully coordinated drawings are drawings produced by professional draftspeople that integrate the information and plans from the various parties involved in development projects. By integrating and summarizing all relevant architectural, civil, structural, mechanical and electrical information onto one set of plans, coordinated drawings help to minimize misunderstandings and ultimately lead to time and cost savings for the project and everyone involved.


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Benefits of Coordinated Drawings


 ► Highlights plan discrepancies and missing/insufficient

     information provision. Allows contractors to effectively

     construct the project, with minimal time lost from the need

     to seek additional information or clarification from other


 ► Allow better estimation of cost & time in the schedule of

     works, and hence smoother workflow.

 ► Frees up site staff to concentrate on more important key

     tasks instead of wasting time doing minor coordination


 ► Reduce misunderstanding between the various parties

     involved in a project since everyone possesses the same

     development plans.


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Additional Benefits of Using C&S Coordinated Drawings

H-K Resources is capable of producing both C&S as well as M&E Coordinated Drawings. Whilst the benefits of M&E Coordinated Drawings are well recognized, it is also important to realize that C&S Coordinated Drawings play an vital, if not more important role in building development, because:


C&S drawings are developed first from architectural

    drawings. This means that any discrepancies not

    immediately identified and rectified through C&S

    coordinated drawings have a "snowball" effect on

    downstream processes (like M&E works). Exponentially

    increased time, effort & cost is required to rectify these

    faults later in the project.

C&S coordinated drawings help identify missing/insufficient

    information and allows contractors to get back to their

    consultants quickly, before actual development work



In fact, doing a set of coordinated drawings can cost you as little as $1,000-$2,000, but quick estimates show that as much as $40,000 and up to 6 months time may be saved just by using good coordinated drawings. So contact us now and learn how we can assist you.

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